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Cat5 Secure Browser

All electronic devices to be used by students for the Canadian Test Centre Cat5 assessment will require the Cat5 Secure Browser to be pre-installed. This browser restricts student access to the internet and other programs on the device during the assessment. Once the Cat5 assessment has been completed, the Cat5 Secure Browser will be closed, and access to the internet and other programs on the device will become available again.

Please download the appropriate Cat5 Secure Browser below to every student’s device.*

*Please note: the Canadian Test Centre puts every effort into ensuring all external links relating to the download of the Cat5 Secure Browser are up to date. If there are any issues regarding download, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.
Download Centre
Windows 10+
64-bit operating system
OSX 10.11+
(If Cat5 does not automatically open, hold “Option” key and Right-click icon.)
iOS 9.3.5+
Minimum Screen Size: 7.9-inch diagonal
ChromeOS 62+
(Education Workspace License required)