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Academic Testing Program for Homeschoolers

CTC/Canadian Test Centre offers home educators an opportunity to assess their students with the nationally recognized Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) and the Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills (CTCS). These tests provide home educators with information that will assist them in teaching and guiding their students.

CAT indicates how an examinee is doing in comparison with others at the same grade level across Canada and provides a profile of strengths and needs in reading, language, spelling, mathematics and writing.

CAT3 and CTCS Guidelines for Use

  1. Only legitimate home educators and registered private schools are eligible for the program. Declaration of home education and private school status must be supplied with the order.
  2. The basic costs are for one-time use of materials, scoring and interpretation and not for the purchase of the tests themselves.
  3. After testing, answer documents must be returned for scoring along with all test materials within 30 days after they have been received.
  4. Canadian Test Centre is not in a position to ascertain that the tests have been administered according to the general and specific directions required by the tests and will not, therefore, certify the results to be descriptive of the person(s) being assessed.
  5. For formal academic assessment using CTC tests, the home educator may−after reading and following all guidelines found in the Directions for Teachers−administer the CAT. An option is to retain the service of a qualified teacher who has been certified by the provincial department of education. If tests are to be administered by a teacher, the name, title, and address should be indicated with the order. Tests and test results can be mailed to the parent(s) or to the teacher who administered the tests, whichever choice is indicated to CTC by the parent(s).

Ordering for Homeschoolers

Materials provided include a student test booklet, a practice test (for students up to the end of Grade 6), an Examiner’s Manual, and applicable answer sheet(s). You can order material here.