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CAT4 Online Frequently Asked Questions

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How do students access the Cat4 online tests?

Students need to have the Secure Browser downloaded onto their device in order to access the online tests. This secure browser is the same as the one required for Cat5 tests.

What subtests are available online?

Currently, only Reading, Writing Conventions, Mathematics, and Computation/Estimation.

How long are each of the subtests?

The test times can be found here.

Can the student countdown timer be removed from the test platform?

No. The countdown timer is built-in and cannot be removed. If students get nervous watching the timer count down, the teacher may consider placing a post-it at the top right corner of the screen to hide it, but still allowing the student to flip up to see how much time is left.

What are levels? What do these mean?

The system refers to each grade by level. Levels begin at Level 10, which represent Kindergarten and go up to Level 22 for grade 12. Levels help teachers understand which grade the tests are. For example, in the fall, teachers will see students’ current grade but a one level below because they will be testing previous year’s knowledge (hence one level below).

Can teachers add accommodations to the online version?

Yes. Accommodations are available – these include: Out of Level testing, Audio Accommodations, and Extra time. These items will be reviewed during training and can be requested for set up (the accommodations are not by default in the system).

Some students are learning at different grade levels, can they be tested out-of-level?

Yes, you can request this during training so that we have all the details confirmed for set up. Students can be tested outside their current grade by using the out-of-level option on the teacher’s dashboard.

Do schools generally test once or twice a year? What’s the most popular times to test students and what are the testing periods for?

It depends on the school and their needs. Typically schools may want to test students during the Fall to test student’s previous year’s knowledge (one level below), and/or in the spring, to test students at the current grade level to see if they’ve retained what they learned so far in that year.

Do I need to have a minimum order to use the online testing?

No. Please inquire for further details regarding pricing.

Can homeschool children use the Cat4?

Yes, as long as the students are a part of a school district/board.

Can parents purchase the Cat4?

No. We do not sell our tests to parents.

Are there any practice tests?

No. Everything on the test are based on the curriculum. For Cat4, the tests are based on the 2008 curriculum.