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CAST Products

The Benefits of CAST

Relevant to adult learners

CAST items were carefully screened and reviewed by Canadian adult educators and reflect language and content that are appropriate for adults. CAST scores can provide pre- and post-instruction information about an examinee’s level of proficiency in the basic skills.

Canadian norms

A Canada-wide Norming Study was conducted to establish percentile, stanine and grade equivalent norms. This study involved a stratified random sample of over 16 000 senior high-school students.

CAST Features

Minimal testing time

Each of the six CAST tests (2 each in reading, language and mathematics) requires between 10 and 25 minutes of testing time. You may choose to administer only one or all of the six tests.

Three wide-ranging levels

CAST offers three levels to accommodate the proficiency differences among adults:

LevelProficiency range
1up to and including Grade 6
2Grades 7 through 9
3Grade 10 and above