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CTC Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I buy your tests?

Tests can only be sold to schools, school boards, homeschooling parents, and other educational institutions.

What is the turnaround time for reports?

Reports are generally sent out 10 business days after we receive your completed test materials. However, this can change depending on the workload of the scoring centre when your materials arrive. If you’d like to receive your results by a certain date, please indicate the date on the Scoring Services Downloads, and the scoring centre will do its best to send your reports out by that date.

How do I place an order?

Visit our Print Materials Order form page to make the order.

Do you sell any practice materials?

We can offer our practice tests to schools, school boards, homeschooling parents, and other educational institutions only. Please note that the purpose of the practice test is to help students become familiarized with the format of the CAT tests. It is not meant to offer extensive preparation for the CAT tests.

What materials do I need to purchase to administer the CAT test for the first time?

For information on materials for administering CAT4 Multiple Choice Tests, please refer to the CAT4 Multiple Choice page. For information on materials for administering CAT4 Constructed Response Tests, please refer to the CAT4 Constructed Response page.

Can I buy singles of your packaged materials?

Our answer sheets and student diagnostic profiles come in packages, but they are also available in singles. There is no price difference per sheet between the singles and the packages. When ordering these materials, please clearly indicate whether your numbers refer to singles or packages.

What are the testing times for the CAT4 tests?

For information regarding CAT4 Multiple Choice testing times, please visit the Multiple Choice Testing Times page. For information regarding CAT4 Constructed Response testing times, please visit the CAT4 Constructed Response home page.

Does your company administer the tests?

No, our company just sells the materials to educational institutions. The institutions themselves administer the test.

Are you affiliated with the government?

CTC is a private company that sometimes does contract work for the Canadian provincial and federal governments.

What are your norms/scores based on?

We obtain our norms and scores through norming studies where our tests are administered to samples of students and schools all over Canada.

What are the reports you offer for machine-scoring clients?

For samples of our CAT4 reports, please visit the CAT4 Scoring and Reportss page. For samples of our Insight reports, please visit the Insight Scoring and Reports page.