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Information for Parents

Parents guide to CAT results

This Parent Guide explains what is involved for students who take the Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) and how parents can make the most of the information that CAT provides about their children’s achievement. There is much more in this guide, though, making it a very handy resource for parents. It includes some great tips on how to support children’s learning at home and at school, ideas for helping children progress in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, and The CTC Guide to Children’s Reading that recommends some excellent books for students of all ages.

The Parents’ Guide contains four sections:

Download CAT3 Parent Guide Here

Download CAT4 Parent Guide Here

Understanding Insight

Insight is a group-administered test of cognitive abilities for students, based upon the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities. Probably the best known and most widely accepted theory of intellectual factors, John Carroll has described this model as appearing to offer “the most well-founded and reasonable approach to an acceptable theory of the structure of cognitive abilities” (1993).

Insight represents a significant advance in the development of group-administered ability tests for students, breaking free from the existing cadre of such tests. It is the first group-administered test to utilize completely the CHC theory of human cognitive abilities.

Please refer to Understanding Insight for more information.