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CAT3 Practice Tests

Practice Tests give students the opportunity to gain experience with a multiple-choice test. These tests take about 20 minutes and are consumable. They are recommended for primary and elementary students and for others who have not had much experience writing multiple-choice tests.

CAT3 practise test Lv11
Level 11
(Grade 1)
ISBN: 1551242613
CAT3 practise test Lv12
Level 12
(Grade 2)
ISBN: 1551242621
CAT3 practise test Lv13
Level 13
(Grade 3)
ISBN: 155124263X
CAT3 practise test Lv14-16
Level 14-16
(Grades 4-6)
ISBN: 1551242648
CAT3 practise test Lv17
Level 17+
(Grade 7+)
ISBN: 1551242656