Welcome to the Canadian Achievement Test, Fifth Edition (Cat5).

A series of web-based, curriculum-based assessments in language and mathematics.

  • 1

    The school Principal receives an e-mail invitation to activate their Principal Dashboard.

  • 2

    The Principal’s office then gives access to teachers through the Principal Dashboard.

go to the classroom
  • 3

    The Teachers receive an e-mail invitation to active their Teacher Dashboards.

  • 4

    Teachers set up testing sessions through the Teacher Dashboard.

taking the test
  • 6

    As soon as students complete a subtest, the teacher can request student reports through the Teacher Dashboard.

  • 7

    The Teacher receives an e-mail with pdf reports that can be saved and/or printed.

  • 5

    Students sign-in to a testing session using their names and a session passcode.

getting reports